Animals with Cameras

Get to know about this shows: Gordon Buchanan leads a team of camera specialists as they work with scientists to fit specialist cameras to wild animals that will allow extraordinary new discoveries to be made about the lives of these animals.

Genre: Documentary

Country: UK , USA

Duration: 180 min

Quality: HD

Release: 2018

IMDb: 8

Season 1 - Animals with Cameras
"The astonishing collar-camera footage reveals newborn Kalahari Meerkats below ground for the first time, unveils the hunting skills of Magellanic penguins in Argentina, and follows the treetop progress of an orphaned chimpanzee in Cameroon."
"The cameras capture young cheetahs learning to hunt in Namibia, reveal how fur seals of an Australian island evade the great white sharks offshore, and help solve a conflict between South African farmers and chacma baboons."
"Deep-dive with Chilean devil rays in the Azores, track brown bears\u2019 diets in Turkey, and follow dogs protecting flocks of sheep from gray wolves in Southern France."