See No Evil - Season 6 Episode 19

About this episodes: Every second of every day, millions of Americans are caught on CCTV. Most of them are honest citizens going about their everyday lives. But a few are guilty of unspeakable crimes. See no ...

Genre: Crime , Documentary , Reality

Country: Canada , UK

Episode: 19/68 eps

Duration: 43 min

Quality: HD

Release: 2014

IMDb: 8.1

Season 1 - See No Evil
"In Pensacola Florida, two loving parents are brutally gunned down in their own home. The cop\u2019s only witness\u2026one that never lies: surveillance cameras. It\u2019s what they must rely on, to catch the killers and bring them to justice."
"A schoolgirl is caught on camera sneaking out at night and getting into a car. Has she run away or has something more sinister happened? As weeks pass without her return, cops must track down the driver of the mystery car to discover the horrifying truth."
"A beautiful teenage girl who has just graduated High School goes missing during a shopping trip, sending her family into turmoil. The cops struggle to find answers, but through repeated viewing of CCTV footage the shocking truth slowly emerges."
"In Pembroke Pines, a mother of four disappears without a trace after attending a family party. In Pensacola Florida, a local journalist and avid MTG gamer is ferociously bludgeoned to death in his own home."
"In Irvine, California, a newly engaged couple are mercilessly executed in a deserted parking lot. The cop's only witness...the one that never lies: surveillance cameras. It's what they must rely on, to catch the killers and bring them to justice."
"In Ventura County, California, a young mother fails to return home after desperately searching for a job to support her family. In Henry County, Georgia, a 50 year old businessman and doting husband is struck down in cold blood."
Season 2 - See No Evil
"After nursing student Michelle Le vanishes without a trace, police discover footage that shows her car circling the parking lot where she disappeared, but they cannot identify the driver."
"Surveillance camera footage plays a pivotal role in the investigation of a young woman's disappearance following her shift at a Victoria's Secret store in Grand Forks, N.D."
"A young man goes missing. His girlfriend and best friend help the authorities find clues to his location. Suspense and shock erupts as they go on this journey."
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Season 3 - See No Evil
"A Philadelphia woman is abducted after getting off a bus on returning home from a friend's party around 10 pm. The police respond to a 911 call from a concerned citizen who heard her screams and pursue the investigation using CCTV footage."
"When a teenager goes missing from her local Walmart, detectives struggle for leads. But then surveillance cameras reveal terrifying footage of a prowler kidnapping her, transforming this investigation into a desperate race to bring her home alive."
"On November 26th, 2014, Jessica Padgett disappears. The only lead is her abandoned white Subaru. Surveillance cameras show her driving into a parking lot and walking down a back alley, never to return."
"On Oct. 26th, 2009, widower Philip Gatusso is murdered in the quiet town of Fargo, N.D. As his in-laws drive across states to care for their now orphaned granddaughter, detectives to turn to a witness that never sleeps\u2014surveillance video."
"On March 18th, 2011, 32-year-old Patty Ayala is murdered at the Burger King where she works. Police find the safe open and a mysterious message next to Patty's body. They turn to surveillance video\u2014and it's there the killer emerges from the shadows."
"When a young woman is found dead in a Texas landfill, detectives race to discover the killer behind the brutal crime. With no leads, police turn to their only witnesses: video cameras that captured the murderer's chilling attempt to cover his tracks."
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Season 4 - See No Evil
"In 2016, Jordie Hudson vanishes after a night out with friends. The only clue police have is her glasses, which are discovered in a pool of blood. Surveillance footage shows a horrific attack. Can police find her abductor before it's too late?"
"On April 12th 2008, Susan Casey vanishes after a night out. The only clues left behind are suspicious drag marks outside her home. CCTV footage reveals three different suspects on the scene. Which one is lying and who can tell police where she is?"
"A woman is shot dead during her morning jog through a normally peaceful neighborhood in Glendale, Ariz.; home surveillance footage enables detectives to identify the shooter's vehicle."
"A woman's New Year's disappearance leads to a gruesome discovery; with no witnesses, only the four security cameras from her apartment building can help decipher what happened."
"A man gets savagely beaten and stabbed to death in a parking lot in South Dakota; with little evidence left behind at the scene, police painstakingly piece together the victim's last moments in an attempt to find his killer."
"On Dec. 23, 2009, Beth von Steinner goes missing, then her frozen body is found days later in a trash pile behind her house; with no witness or suspects, only CCTV footage can unlock the mystery of who killed her."
"Sixty-year-old social worker Francis \"Maurice\" Byrd is found dead in his home after being shot by an unknown assailant; security footage from the church opposite Byrd's house shows that he received many visitors prior to the discovery of his body."
"On August 6th 2011, Dalene Carlson vanishes during a Saturday night on the town. Security footage from a local bar reveals a number of potential suspects, each with a motive. Can police figure out which one knows the truth about what happened to her?"
"Pregnant student Loretta Saunders vanishes without trace; her trail runs cold after she is spotted on CCTV at her apartment building, then police spot her missing car on a drive-thru camera and race to find her before it's too late."
"Diane Cunningham is bludgeoned to death in her bedroom, leaving behind receipts as the only clues; security footage reveals a prime suspect with a motive, but not everything is quite as it seems."
"Family man Richard Arenas is gunned down in broad daylight in the driveway of his suburban home; with no apparent motive or witnesses, investigators watch CCTV footage in an attempt to track down Arenas' cold-hearted killer."
"Emily Lambert goes missing after spending the night at a hotel bar with her new boyfriend; two days later, she's found murdered on a piece of remote farmland; detectives scour CCTV footage from the hotel and bar searching for her killer."
"On December 26th, 2011, Hope Melton vanishes after being run off a country road. CCTV footage from a nearby gas station reveals a suspicious orange car that seems to have followed her out of the parking lot."
"On December 2nd 2014, Rhonda Daugherty vanishes. Detectives turn to the public for information on her mysterious disappearance. A tip leads investigators to surveillance footage from a hotel where they uncover a journey of duplicity and deception."
"In 2015, police are alerted to the body of Fernando Silva on a boat. With the crime scene revealing little about what caused his death, police turn to surveillance footage for clues. Will the cameras help them find out what really happened?"
Season 5 - See No Evil
"On March 29, 2016, Louise Dickey is discovered murdered in a bath of her own blood; with no imaginable motive for the homicide and no witnesses, detectives seek out surveillance cameras to uncover the shocking truth."
"On Nov. 7, 2014, 69-year old Ina Clare Richardson is found brutally murdered in a public park in Clarkston, Wash.; with no witnesses, investigators turn to surveillance cameras to piece together the puzzle of her fateful final night."
"On April 14, 2009, 25-year old student Julissa Brisman is found shot to death in a Boston hotel room; with no witnesses, investigators turn to surveillance cameras to find a serial attacker."
"On Nov. 12, 2012, Atlanta entrepreneur Terry Porter is found shot dead execution style in his front yard; there is no forensic evidence or witnesses, so detectives attempt to use surveillance footage to catch Porter's killer."
"In San Antonio, Christopher Duncan leaves his apartment never to return again; police have little to go on until surveillance footage offers up the possible identity of a dangerous killer."
"On September 7th, 2009, 27-year-old Jessika Kalaher is found strangled in her car in Cedar Park, Texas. With her wallet and car keys missing, detectives turn to security cameras in the hope of answering the questions: who killed Jessika, and why?"
"Thirty-six-year-old Carl Starke is shot dead in cold blood near his home in St. Augustine, Fla.; while there are no witnesses, neighbors hear shots; armed with a likely time of death, police turn to CCTV to help hunt down Starke's killer."
"On April 23, 2016, car salesman Hufracio Arteaga is found stabbed to death in his Michigan City, Ind., office; with no witnesses, investigators use surveillance cameras from an adjacent building to find out who murdered Arteaga."
"Tom and Jill Estes' bodies are found behind a dumpster in Festus, Mo.; police are baffled until a receipt leads to CCTV footage of a blood-stained suspect; a trail of bodies reveals a killer who must be stopped before he strikes again."
"Fifty-one-year-old care worker Torrance Cheeves is found murdered in his San Antonio home. With no suspects and a trail of puzzling evidence, investigators turn to surveillance cameras in the surrounding area for answers."
"The body of 26-year-old Celina Peterson is found in an alley in the South Park neighborhood of Seattle. When police recover surveillance footage from across the neighborhood, they begin to unravel the shocking truth behind her murder."
"In April 2010, 12-year-old Alajawan Brown is gunned down outside a 7-Eleven in Skyway, Washington - a block from an earlier shooting. As police question if the two are related, only CCTV can help piece together the puzzle and ID Alajawan's killer."
"In October 2009, 37-year-old Natasha Cournoyer disappears without a trace in Laval, Canada. As her friends and family struggle for answers, Detectives must follow a stone-cold trail to uncover her final footsteps caught on surveillance cameras."
"On Valentine's Day 2015, James Enright, 27, is stabbed to death outside a busy train station in Burnaby, Canada; despite cell phone footage of the attack, police struggle to identify his killer, until CCTV leads them to an unlikely suspect."
Season 6 - See No Evil
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